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The Mighty Hydra Dragon

This is the mighty dragon that has many heads. It is said that they must be hundreds of years old before the growing of extra heads begin. If a head is cut off then two will grow in that spot. Usually the hydra would have six to nine heads. One of these heads is said to be immortal. The hydra dragon has deadly breath that is filled with poison as the spine can be poisonous also.

The Mighty Hydra Dragon

The origin of the hydra dragon is Norse and Greek mythology. They are usually found in rocky caves on remote islands. They have also been found in extinct volcanoes.

The hydra dragon has thick legs and tail. The tail is usually thicker than the legs. When hurt or killed, this dragon can restore itself. The Hydra dragon may or may not have wings. The body of a hydra looks like a serpent and is considered the most deadly dragon.

The size of a hydra dragon can get up to 10 to 12 feet in height and around 40 feet long. Some hydras do have more than one set of wings and more than one tail.hydra dragon

The hydra is the largest of the constellations. It is seen as a water snake in the sky. There are many stars that can be seen in the hydra.

This is the type of dragon that Hercules fought in Greek mythology. He learned that burning the stump after cutting a head off would prevent it from growing more. As Hercules’ nephew burned the stump, he would then place it under a rock. After killing the hydra, Hercules cut up the rest of the body. This was to keep it from restoring itself and coming back to life.

The Bible has one of the most famous stories of the killing of a hydra. Michael and his angels fought a large red dragon which had seven heads. Each head had a crown upon it, and there were ten horns. After the fight the dragon and the ones that followed him were kicked out of Heaven. They were sent back to earth. Christian myth portrays this dragon with his mouth open, as the gateway to hell.

Jason is another that killed a hydra dragon. This is also from Greek mythology. By killing the hydra dragon Jason was able to get the Golden Fleece.

The hydra dragon is very popular in the game Dungeons and Dragons. It was one of the first dragons in the first games put out by Dungeons and Dragons. Over the years it has taken on a different shapes and appearances.

There are many other games that use the hydra dragon as a character. Some of them are Monster Hunter which is a video game, the Czar Dragon by Super Mario Brothers, and Dragon Buster. This is just a few of the many dragon games that one can find the hydra dragon as a character.

The hydra is also found in stuffed animals that brings enjoyment to many children. They can be found in bright colors and with many heads.

by +Owen Jones