I do 90% of my writing between the hours of four and seven pm after spending nine hours sitting at my desk promoting my books and web sites. I find it so easy to write between those hours that I have begun to wonder if there is anything going on. Whether there is a reason for it or not. When I was a young teenager and started to become interested in spirit (nearly everyone in my family were spiritualists), I was given some books to read on the subject. I don’t remember the titles of them anymore, but one made a suggestion that I had to discuss with my father. It concerned possession and the need to protect yourself from ‘mischievious spirits’. Basically, the point was that if you are opening yourself up to possession as a medium or just to influence in order to receive enlightenment, which may include inspiration, then you have to protect yourself against mischievious spirits. These mischievious spirits were described to me as under-developed or confused souls, who would have been similarly inclined to cause havoc on Earth when they were “alive”. My father thought this to be such an important topic that he sent me to discuss it with his mother who was a medium. Nana Vene, for so we called her, told me that when you allow yourself to be influenced, you need to have someone ‘watching your back’. Quite literally ‘watching your back’, bucause it is through a gateway at the base of the spine that these influences flow to your brain. The guardian of this gateway has to be powerful enough to cope with gate-crashers. Now, although everyone has at least one guide, that guide might not be strong enough to protect you in this line of activity, and since you will not know that, you ought to give your guide advance notice of your intentions, so that they can get help if they need it. I was told that two days should be enough, but that a week would be safer, because these people are not just sitting around on clouds playing harps waiting for you to give them something to do. They may be busy people and much in demand. This is why, she said, religious meetings are held at regular times for all to see, not only the “living”. She advised me that if I were going to continue meditating, I should choose one or two days a week and stick to them and specific times too. She warned me about letting the guardian down by not turning up for no good reason. So, by writing every day between the set times of four and seven every day, have I inadvertently set up a meeting with the Muses?

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