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Wyvern Dragons

Flying high above, writing with smoke in the clouds, were once the mighty Wyvern dragons. Wyvern dragons are known to have been the largest of all dragons with their mighty size ranging from 18 to 20 feet high and getting on for 50 feet in length when fully grown. According to legend, it seems that Wyvern dragons were most common during Medieval times.

Wyvern Dragons

The name came from an Old English word meaning viper. In some, dialects it used to be spelled 'wivern' and could also be used to mean serpent or worm in Old Saxon by those who did not believe in dragons.Wyvern Dragons

As far as our information on dragons goes, the Wyvern dragon was green to greenish-brown in colour, but as it got older, one could see the underside becoming a pale green with wings that sported lime-green spots.

Some analysts say that Wyvern Dragons were not real dragons at all, but a separate species, and it is true that there were many different dragons. They point to the fact that the Wyvern has a dragon’s head and a serpent’s tail.

The tip on the barbed tail was poisonous, which is why the beast is said to have an evil scorpions tail. The wings and forelegs of the Wyvern dragos resembled those of a bat, as far as our information about dragons goes.

And so the debate of Wyvern vs Dragon rages on with no clear outcome in view. Perhaps some people just like to argue over silly things. Wyverns, if not dragons, are certainly closely related and did not display any animosity towards each other at all, unless it was over a maiden.

The wings are sometimes called hands as Wyverns can clasp their wings together like we do our hands. There are talons like those of an eagle at the end of the wings. Some say, that they have a jaw resembling a beak, but not everyone agrees.

When the chicks hatch, they come out of a large, thick bumpy shell. While the chick is still inside the shell, it, the shell, changes colour to match its surroundings. The chick is born brown and with spines, but as it gets older, the chick loses its spines.

The sound of a Wyvern resembles that of a terrible crow and when it is ready to attack it makes a roaring sound. The Wyvern is known to eat mainly large mammals from Africa, whence it flies when hungry.

In Western culture, according to our dragon information, Wyvern Dragons were thought to be very vicious, evil creatures, mostly because they were not adverse to eating humans, especially young maidens, when they were too sick, too old or just too plain lazy to fly to Africa. The Wyvern was the mighty dragon that was often portrayed swooping down on and attacking unsuspecting villages.

What makes the Wyvern dragon so popular, besides it being a dragon (or a relative of the dragon, depending on your point of view), is the fact that it has been used as a symbol or emblem, even mascot, for centuries in better schools and colleges, especially in Wales and Wessex.

There are schools and radio stations that incorporate the name Wyvern in their title in honour of this dragon too. In modern times, the Wyvern can be found playing a role in many video games. A Wyvern was also a main character in the Disney movie "Gargoyles".

According to the accepted legend of the dragons, Wyverns are a sign of strength. It is said that they represent conquest, envy and might. The British use it frequently on their coats of arms and flags, although many other countries use the Wyvern as their coat of arms also.

The Wyvern used as the symbol of the ancient kingdom of Wessex was a special one in that it was golden in colour. It was not special just because it could breathe fire as all Wyverns and most dragons could do that.

Some cryptozoologists feel that they have to compartmentalize the Wyvern and so they suggest that it was a type of pterosaur, although everybody knows that pterosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago.

Pterosaurs were flying reptiles (the name actually means 'winged lizard'), so they did exhibit more than a passing resemblance to Wyverns, although Wyverns were of course much older than pterosaurs.

Most zoologists reluctantly admit, that, nowadays, Wyvern dragons are to be found only in the form of stuffed toys, which children seem to adore. These toys resemble the original, live Wyverns quite remarkably, which is probably why kids love them so much.

However, it is not only kids that are taken with Wyvern Dragons. Dragon tattoos are extremely popular. For example, interest in the Celtic Dragon tattoo in general and the Welsh Dragon tattoo in particular is up over 250% this month on last month ( Google search results, May 2012).

by +Owen Jones